Powerful Anointing Holy Oil

Powerful Anointing Holy Oil Oil

Powerful Anointing Holy Oil-The Bible and different Holy Books refer to the usage of ‘Holy’ anointing oil for acts of worship, consecration and dedication, as well as for the laying on of hands in prayer for healing and deliverance.

Our handcrafted, anointing olive-oils with scents inspired from significant moments in the biblical times will not disappoint.

Our anointing oils are crafted with the best and purest elements to make sure that you’re receiving solely one of the best products that won’t ever go rancid. All bottles feature a screw-tight top that is not going to spill or leak when closed.

This oil provides you with powers of the prophets. Anoint your temples and foreheads before meditation, then release your special messages to the world.

Do you have a particular message you wish to release to the spirit world? The prophetic anointing oil provides you with powers of the prophets. You may also dress a spiritual candle to extend the power of your spiritual rituals accordingly.

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Anointing with oil was a common Biblical practice that continues today. In the Bible, people, places and things were anointed with holy oil. In the Old Testament, God intended anointing oil to bless His people. It is God’s way that as His Believers are to do what thy can with earthly tidings to praise His name.

Though the efforts of each Believer He will accomplish the supernatural, as we cannot. Using anointing oils is biblical, it is ordained by God. Anointing oil can be an important element in your service to Him, as way that He can work through you and your faith. Anointing oil represents blessing, protection and empowerment.

Anointing oils also can be a symbol of our faith in Christ to answer our prayers through divine intervention; consecration or sanctification; applied as a healing salve or ointment with real medicinal attributes; used as a perfume for funeral or embalming practices; or preparing weapons for warfare.

Anointing Oil in the Bible

Anointing oil is referenced 20 times in Scripture. It was used in the Old Testament for pouring on the head of the high priest and his descendants and sprinkling the tabernacle and its furnishings to mark them as holy and set apart to the Lord (Exodus 25:6; Leviticus 8:30; Numbers 4:16.). It was referred to as the “holy anointing oil” three times and the Jews were prohibited from reproducing it for personal use (Exodus 30:32-33).

The holy anointing oil described in Exodus 30:22-25 was created from