Prosperity Spell  - Money spell

Prosperity Spell – Money spell The craft of the wise. Created by an experienced and wise eclectic witch in the hour of Jupiter under a waxing moon with prosperity blessings. Who couldn’t use a little more prosperity in their lives. This ancient old trusted prosperity spell can help to enrich your life with its magical powers. No previous experience required. The kit has all you need, the only thing it is waiting for is YOU. Would also make a wonderful little gift. The kit contains the following: A corresponding green candle anointed by myself with gold flakes and prosperity drawing herbs and oils. A Bay leaf with the words prosperity wrote in silver. 1 paper pentacle. A organza bag to hold the pentacle, candle and bay leaf. This spell also has the advantage over many others in that it has 2 options to the end. So basically you have 2 prosperity spells for the price of 1. Blessed Be

This powerful Prosperity Spell will help you in all aspects of your life. Whether it be getting a salary increase, more business, better health, luck, joy, love, happiness, friendship, children etc. This powerful spell will allow you to experience more prosperity and abundance in your life.



we will cast an extremely powerful prosperity spell

The moment your spell is cast, the seed will be planted. Within a short time it will take hold and you will soon feel its effects. In your heart you will know. You will see improvement quickly, dramatically.  Prosperity is your birthright- If you have a difficult situation that needs the intervention of the most powerful forces of the spiritual world, you have come to the right place. No situation is too complex. It’s the most amazing demonstration of spell casting powers to exist! These spells have been tried and tested and only the most effective spells are included here. If any of these spells don’t fix your needs, you can also get a custom spell-All Spells are Authentic